Friday, October 27, 2017

Tale of the Magic Dragon


                                                                         Rated 5 Stars

My novel about betrayal in the Vietnam War.  Betrayal was the defining feature of the Vietnam War, and there were many betrayals.  They didn't stop when the war was over.  There weren’t supposed to be any live MIAs.  The North Vietnamese denied holding any.  But that didn’t mean someone else wasn’t.  Former Green Beret Frank McTigue, struggling as a private investigator, agrees to protect pretty Lia, who was threatened with death because she witnessed a murder--the murder of Frank’s former commanding officer.  As Frank scrambles to protect his client, he is drawn into unfinished business from his tour of duty.  Treachery from the past works its poison into Frank’s new life as he makes a shocking discovery about men left behind on a patrol that officially never happened, men he's never forgotten.  Outnumbered and outgunned, Frank teams up with former Special Forces comrade at arms Odell Franklin.  Still holding to the belief that no member of their unit can be left behind, they push forward into places where they shouldn’t go, and into a desperate fight where secrets are dear, lives are cheap, and the chances for victory and redemption are slender. 

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